GARNIER | Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review

Is your skin looking dull and tired? Look no further than GARNIER’s new moisture bomb tissue mask. I stumbled across this product when browsing the skin care isle of Superdrug, and noticing that the product was on offer for 99p, I quickly placed it in my basket.

I’d never tried a tissue mask before and was therefore apprehensive about the results, however the product promises to; intensely rehydrate the skin, reduce the look of fine lines and to revive radiance.

About the Product:

“Is GARNIER moisture bomb tissue mask right for me?
Yes, if your skin is dehydrated, shows the effect of time and your lifestyle (dullness, irregularities, fine lines…), and if you are looking for an effective solution to rehydrate and revitalise the radiance of your skin.

“How is it different?
The product is truly innovative, its ultra-thin tissue is infused with a super-hydrating serum concentrated with Pomegranate extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Unmask smoother, bouncier, healthier looking skin in just 15 minutes”.

At first applying the mask proved a tad difficult and messy, but the results are really worth it! As well as this, the texture and feel of the mask is very slimy and wet, and to be honest quite odd. However, this is just the serum the mask is soaked in which delivers one full week’s worth of hydrating serum in one mask – impressive right!

After removing the mask after 15 minutes, your skin is left with a layer of the remaining serum which I massaged into my skin and left to set until dry. The results are impressive, my skin immediately felt so soft and much more hydrated, and meant that my makeup went on a lot easier. I felt that my complexion had also settled and looked more revived – as the product promises to do.

Whilst the application was a tad tricky, and the texture very odd, GARNIER’s Tissue mask is a quick, easy, cheap method for instant results. Therefore, I would definitely use this product again, and as I’m writing this I’ve already placed an order to re-stock.

GARNIER Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask £1.99 – Superdrug


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