MAC | Waterweight Foundation Review

As someone who switches their foundation according to the weather and season, and being that my everyday choice of foundation is MAC Studio Fix Fluid, I was rather exicited to see and try their Studio Waterweight Foundation.

During the summer months, I usually opt for NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, which I love, however I thought I would try something different and therefore I purchased the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation.

As I have “normal” to “dry” skin, I thought that the product would make me look luminous, however using the product on its own just makes me look oily, which is something I’ve not experienced before. Even if I set the product with powder, it does in fact just look very “watery” if you get what I mean?

I also thought that the product would give me more coverage than it did, albeit this the product does layer very well, and does not go “cakey”.  I find that to gain the best base, I use a pea size amount of Studio Fix Fluid, with a few drops of the Waterweight Foundation – which to me defeats the object of the product.

Despite the points mentioned previously, one attribute that I really did like was the dropper applicator, which meant that mess is kept to a minimum and also allows you to dispense the right amount of product without wasting any. As well as this, due to its “water” formula, this means that a little goes a long way, and a few drops is more than enough for a full face – a definite positive.

In summary, the product is great for summer months providing a light coverage that definitely gives glowy and dewy skin, however personally the product is not for me.


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