Spring is here …

Spring is finally here, and if that’s not an excuse to go out and purchase some new pieces for your wardrobe, then I don’t know what is? Embroidery is all the rage at the minute, however I’ve never found something of this sort that actually suited me, that is until I came across the most perfect pinafore you’ve ever seen. I’ve paired this with a simple jumper and cut-out black boots for a laid-back look.


The Pinafore:
As you can some from the photos, the simple yet elegant pink embroidered flowers provide the classic pinafore with a slight twist, and a more feminine look. I opted for a slightly bigger size so I could layer the piece with jumpers for those colder spring days.
Price: £45
Place: TopShop

The Jumper:
I’d usually pair a pinfore with a standard striped oversized top, however I opted for a more girly choice. PINK IS NOT MY COLOUR, however, the items correlated together and I think this really brings the look together. The material is lovely and soft and is an all-round staple piece. This particular jumper I bought last year from primark, but I’ve found a similar one right here.
Price: £15
Pretty Little Thing 



The Boots:
If I’m completely honest I’ve never been a fan of military style boots, as I just think they really don’t suit me. However, when I saw this cut out version, they were so different from anything that was currently in the shops. The cut out detail really adds something different and looks great when you’ve got bare legs, however it’s much too cold for that yet! Again I purchased these a while ago from Top Shop, but I’ve found another pair that I think would look great with this outfit, right here.
Price: £35
Place: Office.

The Watch:
I’m a big fan of styling an outfit with minimal, classy accessories and I think that this watch adds that little bit extra to a standard outfit. The simple face means it’s easy to pair, and the changeable strap means it can be worn in a range of other pastel colours.
Price: £79
Place: Cluse

Details: IMG_0292.jpg




TS05G40LMDT_Zoom_M_3 la-boh-me-rose-gold-white-grey-jpg   clq4290_-44_11



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